Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Numbers!!!

Haya-amst: mimi

Well, Kate called today with our updated numbers. I wasn't home yet from work, but she was kind enough to leave a message and an email. For those of you who are not up on your Amharic I will translate the top words for you- 19 for a baby boy and 25 for a baby girl. Our original numbers were 24 for a boy and 32 for a girl. We are moving right along. Hopefully this next month will go as fast as our first. We have still not received our FDL yet. Boy am I glad they changed the policy or we would still be waiting to get on the waiting list.

Over the weekend we celebrated Katelyn's 4TH Birthday. I decided to go all out for her party being that this is her last birthday as an only child.(Hopefully) The theme of her party was Cinderella so I got this great idea to make her a castle cake. I went to Joanne's with my 50% off coupon and bought the Castle kit. Friday night I spent 2 1/2 hours cooking and then woke up Sat. and cooked and decorated this cake for another 4 hours. My house was a mess with cooking stuff spread all over the kitchen and the dining room. I thought my mom and dad were going to have a heart attack when they came to help me. They walked in and just looked all around and both said at the same time "Oh my Gosh". My house is always spotless and it shocked them to see it such disarray 4 hours before I was having both our families over. To make a long story short everything turned our beautifully. The cake was perfect!!! The only bad thing is that Katelyn would not blow out the candles. I had to help her. I think she heard me say to many times "watch the cake", she was so afraid she was going to hurt it. I have included pictures of Katelyn and I baking Friday night, the finished product and some other random shots.

I have started to take Tuesday's off from work so that Katelyn and I can share this special time together before she goes to kindergarten and we get the baby. We are having "Mommy Dates" (for anyone who has read the children's book written by Karen Kingsbury). This past Tuesday we spent all day buying and planting flowers. It is so nice to have these special days.