Monday, August 25, 2008


I just got home after a very long day at work, proceeded by 2 hours of grocery shopping. After standing in line for like 10 minutes I then found out that I had gone over my food budget, I still had the money but I've been trying to watch every penny I spend. I was so frustrated and just down about my whole entire day. Then like always I get on the computer and found this news story about Ethiopia( and I realized that my worst day multiplied by 100 still will never equal to one good day of theirs. We are so blessed to be able to live in this country of such wealth and abundance. We are so blessed to be able to have AT LEAST three meals a day. Followed by a good nights sleep in nice comfy bed in our nice big houses.
Not much is new in the adoption process. We will be getting our bi-weekly update this Friday and our monthly call next week. I can't wait to see what our numbers will be!!!! Please continue to keep us in your prayers because we have some decisions that we need to make for after our adoption is complete.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not much movement

We got our call today with our new numbers, unfortunately though I was not home. I am sort of glad that I was not home because I think that Kate would have heard the disappointment in my voice. I don't want to be disappointed but can't help feeling a little down. Our new numbers are 10 for a boy and 14 for a girl. It is so hard knowing that courts are closed for August and September and that there most likely will not be much movement until they reopen. When we started this journey in January I was hoping to have received my referral by September 8th. That will be the 11th year anniversary of my grandmother's death. It sure doesn't look like that dream will happen. God's ways are not our ways and I trust that His ways are better than mine, so with that said I WILL TRUST that sooner than later God will reveal to us the child that HE has CHOSEN FOR US TO LOVE AND CARE FOR!!!
A little update on what's been happening around here.... This past weekend we had a yard sale at Matt's parents house and raised $560 towards the adoption. We had so many people give us stuff to sale and we are so very grateful to them. It was awesome. We started setting up at 6 am and had our first sale at about 6:30 and it wasn't supposed to start until 8am. I kept thinking of the movie "Field of Dreams" when he kept hearing in his dream the voice that said "If you build it they will come". We have been very blessed with all the support from our families also!!! We thank you all for your prayers,support and love. We couldn't this without your help. Also this month we applied for a grant through Shaohannah's Hope. We will likely not hear anything from them until November.
This past month has been a very big reading and learning month for me. I normally always read just christian fiction but am stepping out of my normalcy and reading some non-fiction christian books. I just finished "Red Letters" by Tom Davis. Great book!!! Really inspires you to do more with your time and money. Having said that I have joined the 5 for 50 campaign. You can read more about it at Another great book that I read was The Same Kind of Different as ME by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. This was an awesome book with alot of life lessons.
This Saturday is our 6 year anniversary so we have decided to go on an overnight trip a couple hours from here. We are so excited. We have not done this in over 5 years and we feel this is probably our last chance for another 5 years. I will try to post some pics of our weekend.
All in all I am praying that these two months go quickly and that I stay busy to help pass the time. On the other hand it makes me sad to wish my life away. These are two months of Katelyn's life that I don't get back.