Friday, September 19, 2008


We Are Unofficially #3 on the boy list and #5 on the girl list. I can't believe it!! I am so excited about soon getting to see a picture of my son or daughter! It seems like we've been on the waiting list forever, yet it seems like our journey has been set on full speed. So we will see what this week brings for everyone on the waiting list. Please pray that I don't go insane until we get our referral.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Losing Control.......

Katelyn has decided that she no longer likes the way that I dress her and being 4 1/2 she is now practising her Independence. Today she wanted to go out and play and I told her that it was cold out so she would have to wear sweatpants and this is what she came out wearing. I literally laughed out loud. I think instead of practising writing her name we should go over what colors go together. The many joys of parenting!!

On the adoption front Brian and Autumn got their referral yesterday. I am so excited for them. This now makes us unofficially #7 on the boy list!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Timeline of our numbers

April 24 #24 boy and #32 girl
May 13 #23 boy and #32 girl
June 4 #19 boy and #24 girl
July 7 #12 boy and #14 girl
Aug. 6 #10 boy and #14 girl
Sep. 4 #8 boy and #9 girl

It is amazing when you look at your numbers this way just how fast time has gone, even though it feels like we have been on the waiting list forever!!! Can't wait until next month!!! I hope I move down one on the boys list because that would mean that Brian and Autumn got there referral!!! I am so anxious for them to get their call!!

We got our monthly call today and we are so excited!!! We are #8 for a boy and #9 for a girl. I can't believe how close we are on the girls list. When we first started we were 32 for a girl and 24 for a boy that was on April 24, 2008. We are being very patient and waiting on God's perfect timing. I have found that reading as many books as I can helps pass the time!!!
We will keep you all posted with any news we may recieve!!!!