Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Long time no blogging.

Sorry it has been so long. We have been so busy trying to get everything wrapped up with our home study and dossier. We fit 4 visits into 9 days. CRAZY. I forgot to mention that all of them were at our house. As I sit here typing, the rough draft of our home study should be in Martha's (@ AGCI) email. This process takes about 5-7days for her to read through it and have our social worker make any changes necessary.

I only have a couple more things to put into our dossier and them I am finished with that. I should be able to send it into AGCI by the end of next week. It all depends on when we get the final copy of our home study. I am getting very excited, but yet very nervous just not knowing if the dossier papers are all right. Did anybody else feel this way? I will feel better when they have looked through it and said "yeah everything is perfect."

I am enclosing the pictures of our nursery. It not at all finished. I still have so much to decorate. That I am saving for after we get to see the picture of our child.


Our journey said...

The nursery is beautiful. Wow-you really whizzed through those home study interviews. That's great. Yes, I know how it feels sending in that dossier, hoping everything is just perfect. Unfortunately, I had to have something redone (notary mistake), but the revision is already in the mail and our dossier will be heading out Friday to DC for authentication. I hope Martha whizzes through your homestudy and it gets approved quickly.


Brian and Autumn said...

Our homestudy was e-mailed Thursday night and our social worker heard from Martha yesterday so she seems to be on top of it. There were a couple of things that she wanted the social worker to expand a bit more on (like our siblings ages) so it was all really quick and easy changes. The changes were sent off last night. Hopefully yours goes just as quick and there aren't any changes needed! Love the pictures :)

Michael and Michelle said...

Have you been printed yet??? For the USCIS I-600A application?
Soon and very soon you will be a number!!!!!
Can't wait!

GrandmaK said...

It seems like just yesterday we were at the Post Office sending in your application and now the home study is over!! You did great and to think the only thing you forgot to clean was 1 ceiling fan! I think you guys did an awesome job. Your baby is probably being knit in his Mothers womb right now and God already knows he(or she) is yours. I can't wait till you have a number! Love you all.